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Regina Hotel Chania

  • Cretan hospitality

    We give you the chance of a lifetime to enjoy the legendary Cretan hospitality, its local cuisine, its famous wine and unforgettable raki and Uzo.<br /> Come and experience the traditional Cretan music and dancing through the lyrical strains of the violin and lyre for an unimaginable stay.

  • Family Conviviality

    Our Regina Hotel offers you a unique experience through a low budget stay to be able to afford an amazing vacation with your loved ones in Chania Crete Greece, located in the most beautiful region of western Chania only 31 km from the city of town before Kastelli-Kissamos, to enjoy a calming stay and blissful warm family atmosphere, with a huge pool suitable for you and your children and a wonderful view to the sea.

  • Catching the Sun

    Sun, sea, and sands are waiting for you to join them for a breathtaking stay, so come and enjoy a marvelous weather vacation full of adventure, history and conviviality.

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About us